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Whether you're using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can use ID True to locate anyone.

Our mobile friendly site allows you to simply search by name and location or lookup a phone number.

Anyone can lie about who they are online, and if you are going to meet a stranger and potentially date them in the future, a background check can confirm they are who they claim to be. If you've lost touch with a family member and want to locate them, a public record search through ID True can show you where they have lived in the past and where they are currently living. Are you looking to re-connect with someone you went to high school or college with?

Here’s the deal, guys: You can read all the dating and relationship advice you can find – and there’s a lot of good stuff out there – but there’s just one key piece of advice I have to share. So here is a quick history of how I met and was asked out by some of the fellas in my past and whether it worked or whether it failed. We dated for eight months and split up on good terms. He was just too late.–Ivan: Another guy I met in the store I worked at, Ivan is the guy I married.

You can use our people search to find friends who you served with.

Find out where they live and contact them through email or pick up the phone.

Don't let uncertainty affect your safety or security.

ID True gives you easy access to public records to find people, and gives you peace of mind by checking out people you are meeting or live nearby.

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