One night stand college

There’s no reason for everyone and their momma to know every intimate detail of your introduction to anal sex in the DU bathroom.Yeah, sure, share your exploits with your close buddies, if you are so inclined.When you have mutual nub rub with someone, remember that you are touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, feng shuing, etc. Your partner is inviting you to meet their sexual selves — the deep, dark naughty school teacher inside.Because of this, sex comes with this sense of intimacy whether you want it or not.If the subject of your night of passion comes up and you feel weird talking about it, don’t be awkwarded out.Dan Savage, my hero/idol/forever-unrequited-love, gives the best advice for talking to your casual sex companion post-smash.There’s no reason for it to be grim in its nature though.It’s totally normal to feel a bit uncomfortable if the dude who ‘did you doggie’ last Saturday suddenly appears behind you in the Kohlberg coffee bar line. Take two deep breaths and break the situation down as follows: I always dedicate a bit of my spiels on one-night stands to this topic.

Be a mature, respectful adult and acknowledge them. If you can talk to randos from stat class about your extensive presidential stamp collection and your Thanksgiving weekend, you can definitely do the same for someone who you’ve seen naked (or have been intimate with in some other way).

It makes them feel angry, sad, self-conscious, hurt or insufficient and, ultimately, makes them dwell on that encounter.

That’s no way to pay someone back for vacuuming your vag.

You don’t have to become their next BFF, but keep a casual acquaintance, at least directly after the incident.

It’s not too hard to make small talk, but it makes a big difference.

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