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Compare Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome and A Death in the Limelight.

Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert.

If you have ever had a windfall in your life, yet felt extremely unhappy with an emotional part of your life, you know that the ‘stuff’ or ‘money’ felt hollow, it did not fulfil you, and it certainly did not make you feel great about yourself.

Or perhaps, now that they've been gone for a while and there's no clear sign of needing them again, the writers decided to do something nasty to the character that they'd previously been afraid to do something irrevocable to.

Or it could just be a way to kill someone off for real with the impact of killing a major character without the plot inconveniences this usually causes.

As a result the narcissist has to have the best holidays, great clothes, a flash car, associations with successful people, fancy dinners, the latest and the best and anything that will feed his or her ego…

But please understand material possessions cannot grant genuine happiness.

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