No more dating pigs

For years and years I had quite the passionate, fiery, obsessive love affair with—meat.

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Ambassa BOARs will be tasked to highlight their past, present, and future journeys surrounding the Flying Pig, and engage with followers to spread the word and recruit participation for the 2019 weekend of events.Kathy is an advocate for plant-based eating and often brought her wellness expertise to the Oprah show.I felt better not eating meat, as Kathy suggested but before long I was back to good ole Chicago Italian beef sandwiches au jus smothered in mozzarella and peppers. The perfect storm that up-ended years of meat eating happened smack dab in the middle of my Facebook feed.I would laugh at their antics, gasp at their unlikely friendships and boohoo over their harrowing rescues.People would send me the best of the best to delight me, move me or just crack me up.

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    It's so important for a woman to know that she is loved and needed.

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    Even the gentry might eat modestly in the morning, although they could afford meat or fish...