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Wouldn’t actual exchange of projectile weapons never happen in reality? There is a prevailing hypothesis that missiles will soon be the only relevant weapon on the battle space, and it is likely borne out of current trends in modern warfare.

ATGWs are already starting to upend tank warfare, and Anti-ship missiles are doing something similar to naval warfare.

Should you hold your drones in reserve, close to your carrier, or send them guns blazing as the enemy capital ships approach?

Also as well, one of the critical choices you can make is what to target of the enemy.

(ed note: this is a commentary about the computer game Children of a Dead Earth)I see a lot of misconceptions about space in general, and space warfare in specific, so today I’ll go ahead and debunk some.

In the process, we’ll go through the moment to moment of space warfare itself.

Unfortunately, nothing aside from missiles will likely ever get that close, and even then, they will likely be within close focus ranges for milliseconds at most. Lasers fill a very specific niche in space warfare, and that is of precision destruction of weakly armored systems at long distances.

Lasers are very good at melting down exposed enemy weapons, knocking out their rocket exhaust nozzles, and most importantly, killing drones.

Not remotely as strong as monolithic armor, but still able to take a reasonable beating of projectile and laser hits.Final, misconception, wouldn’t computers just control everything in combat? CIWS systems are already computer controlled, and all weapon aiming is similarly already controlled by the computer in game.Anything that has easily computable maxima are solved by computers in game.Zeroth misconception, no, there won’t be stealth in space, let alone in combat.It is possible through a series of hypothetical technologies or techniques, but it won’t be possible for any reasonable spacecraft under reasonable mass and cost restraints. Wouldn’t missiles dominate the battle space, being fired from hundreds of thousands of kilometers away?

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