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Giving her asense of normalcy in our crazy little world is challenging, but I truly believe she willbenefit from this moment in her life, and hopefully it will make for a more well-roundedlittle lady. I was warned she might not always be amenable to wearing what I havehand picked for her, but never knew how sad and frustrating it would be when she puther foot down. Our dream day as a family would most definitely start with a huge, home cookedbreakfast.

If Emme had her way she would wear rain boots and target ‘Elsa’ dresseseveryday! She’s quick to let me knowif she isn’t impressed, but if she gives me her stamp of approval as I’m walking out thedoor I can’t help but feel like a million bucks. Then we would be off to some sort of little adventure. Since we find ourselves on a plane constantly, my arsenal of entertainment is pretty mucha matter of survival.

Sheloves addressing them and putting them in whatever mailbox we can find when we land. When we are in Los Angeles, Sunday trips to the farmersmarket are something the entire family loves doing. But the truth is, there is nothing that I love more than an amazingmeal and a few glasses of It took me a minute to not feel guilty about taking sometime for myself. Airplanes can really get the best ofme, so hydration is crucial.

It’s the ultimate multi-tasking activity: I can buy all my produce, Nick can stuff himself with the best breakfast burrito on Earth, and Emme gets down in the petting zoo chasing goats and bunnies. But I have found that a date night with Nick or a low key girls’ night is soimportant for my sanity! Right now I have been indulging in an incredible Rose Oil by Ren. They are a gentle way to‘exfoliate’ without scrubbing your face.

He ❤️’d scaring the shit out of me, couldn’t resist doing silly ‘bits’ w random pairs of sunglasses & is aggressively competitive in escape rooms.

But he was the best twin bro a girl could dream of.

For instance, breastfeeding was really hard for me.

Emme had severe reflux and I cut pretty much everything out of my diet that could potentially exacerbate her condition or upset her little tummy.

(Or rather, a miraculously-organized Mama and Wife!

Besides being hilarious, charming, and intelligent, Joanna is elegantly personifying the “family first” motto. What is the best parenting advice you have received?

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