My neighbor is intimidating me

This morning, she came to my door and demanded that I pay the deductible for her ambulance ride and ER visit and new Epi Pen.She said I had a legal responsibility to inform her of the ingredients as peanut oil "isn't supposed to be in pesto" (exact quote).

I told her that I make my pesto using cold-pressed peanut oil.

I am not a lawyer, but I do have a peanut allergy, and last month I was in the hospital for four days after having an emergency c-section.

An entire building full of medical professionals, in which each and every person who examined, monitored, or treated me had me confirm my medical details first.

Because that's what you fucking do if you don't want to die a rashy death. I have celiac disease, and even though I won't die immediately from it (you can get cancer from exposure to gluten), it's still MY responsibility to ask questions when food is involved (ingestion of gluten can cause other, unpleasant, possibly debillitating reactions).

Just in case she'd made you feel like this was somehow your fault. This woman doesn't sound like she's all there.

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