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The Taurus was used as a reference when the five captured Gundam Scientists were designing the Vayeate and Mercurius.

The standard armament of the OZ-12SMS Taurus is a custom model beam rifle that can destroy a Leo with one shot.

In battle the Taurus easily defeated the older mobile suits that were their only opposition until the arrival of the Gundams.

However, the Gundams had been designed to operate on Earth for land-based warfare and were not very fast or maneuverable in space.

However as mobile dolls, the Taurus's movements lack innovation, relying on pre-programmed data to determine how it reacts in a given situation.

An optional armament that the OZ-12SMS Taurus can be equipped with in place of the beam rifle.

The beam cannon is a large, long range energy weapon that is taller the suit itself and requires the use of both of the Taurus's hands to wield.

The beam cannon is mounted on the suit's backpack when not in use.

Used by the Taurus units defending Bulge from White Fang's assault, it is a small caliber gun that fires laser.

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