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Unless you’re apathetic.) By the way, don’t worry if you don’t know how to change the default font on Word (let alone the style settings). A Google search of “microsoft word change default font” (not in quotes) yields nearly a million hits. So stop showing the world that you don’t care what your documents look like (or don’t know how to use a computer). Experiment with different fonts until you find the one that fits the professional, unapathetic lawyer you really are.(Then again, at least those million people bothered to research the answer. Then you can move on to the hard stuff, like learning that you should never underline or that only one space follows a period. Updated: An astute reader, Brad, points out that the Supreme Court won’t allow you to file briefs in Times New Roman.If you have a choice about using Times New Roman, please stop. Did you make your business cards and letterhead at your local copy shop?No, you didn’t, because you didn’t want them to look shoddy and cheap. Now many of you simply don’t notice things like typefaces.For that matter, you likewise can’t use any of the fonts mentioned in this post.

", "title": "", "comment_count": 3, "board": , "type": "pin", "attribution": null, "description": "Check out these 10 gorgeous sans-serif fonts that you can use for your brand design projects.

As a sans serif font, it lacks the little feet — serifs — at the ends of letters.

This makes it better suited for on-screen reading, but worse for reading in print.) Lawyers not being too technologically advanced, they ended up using the default font on the default word processor for all of their documents.

Most of us lawyers care about our appearance, whether we are in court or in a boardroom or at a client meeting.

We dress a certain way and act a certain way, trying to persuade the people we’re speaking with to do something (hire us, grant our motion, accept our offer). So maybe you’re starting to buy this notion, and are willing to consider a different default font for your documents.

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