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A recurring theme, particularly from women on popular mobile apps, was that they were unhappy with the quantity of low-quality daters and the frequency of inappropriate, hostile, and sexually suggestive messages.

The results of a survey of 1,000 mobile daters showed that 73% of women who use mobile dating apps said they have received a sexually suggestive photo, 77% have been asked to send an inappropriate photo, and 90% of women have received sexually suggestive messages.

It’s pretty much the hub of excited Bernie supporters on Facebook.

With such a massive presence, it makes sense that splinter groups will happen.

Users with a grade of "D" or "F" receive a warning and instructions on how to improve their grade, while users who maintain an "F" grade are expelled.

They do have the ability to "appeal" the decision by providing compelling reasons why they should be allowed back; however, re-entry is not guaranteed.

Except it seems like it gets pretty wild in there, or at least, that’s what the ominously extensive list of rules for the group would imply: But probably the weirdest thing about the group is that, despite the funny posts, despite the arguments, none of them seem to actually be voting for Bernie (or anyone else).

Arizona State University and Hofstra University came in second and third with like-rates of 55% and 53% respectively.

For example, 45% of users from Hofstra have a grade of A- or higher, which is top on the list.

Messages That Are Low Quality: This is the % of messages that our algorithm identifies as low quality.

The Grade also analyzed students’ behavior in several other categories including message quality and response rates.

Ohio State ranks highest in message quality, indicating a high level of articulate students, with only 1.2% of their students’ messages containing ‘low-quality’ content.

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