Mbc korean dating foreigners

/ Courtesy of Daniel Lindemann A local TV program featuring foreign journalists, consultants and media experts will start airing this Saturday on cable channel tv N under the title "Woegye Tongshin" which translates to "Alien Dispatch." "Panels will be discussing how other countries have dealt with similar concerns we face.The intention is to view our society's concerns from a different perspective," said Park Hee-baek, producer-director for the program.

Baek Mi-kyung, writer of both JTBC hit dramas, said “the content that major broadcasters would find hard to approve” is one of reasons for her dramas’ success.

By Park Jin-hai KBS, MBC and SBS, the three major broadcasters in South Korea, are losing viewers.

Their media credibility has hit rock bottom, as seen in the ongoing general strike of the unions of KBS and MBC, calling for autonomy in news coverage and the resignation of its top management, who allegedly meddled in news reporting to pander to the previous two governments.

Since the success of JTBC's "Non-Summit," many other programs featuring foreigners appeared one after another.

Immediately came "Next-Door Charles" (2015) on KBS which was a program about how foreign nationals were adjusting to their lives in Korea, followed by "Yo! " on MBC, a reality show about popular foreign TV personalities inviting friends from their home countries to visit Korea for the first time.

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