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thanx sure mate i can walk you thru it fairly easily- i have done 2 phones so far... It groups your apps into categories and allows for easy deletion with long presses.Info here: Group Home is a cool idea but it's A) waaayyyy too slow and B) not enough options.Hopefully we`ll see some good paid apps coming out soon, Hopefully mobile office and a xvid player would be the first i`d be after, as an ebook reader i`m currently using Audua e Reader, good for HTML and TXT files but no good for LIT, PDB, PDF etc. Bartender – good for a list of cocktails, plus you can add your own. Cellfinder – supposed to find nearest cell tower, going to uninstall this. Farm Animals – makes various noises, amuses my niece`s and nephew.still something to use for now till Mobi Pocket reader or something comes along man, that sucks- why the hell should we have to wait! in this day and age they should be able to do a worldwide release.... my mate just got a dream as well and he will need me to root it soon... So, i`ve had my HTC Dream for a week and thought i`d do a list of what i`ve found on the market and what apps I use : e Book Readers :a Book Reader – Not great, very close to uninstall at the moment. Cadre Bible LE – so I can show my dad a Bible, other than that, I don`t use Reader – Can`t even get it working, gonna uninstall it. Droid Dice – always good for when you lose a die for a board game. Spin The Bottle – gotta make sure it ends up pointing to the wife. Fart Droid – it farts, and has a timer so you can set it and walk away.f Book – Face Book Client, I`m not on Facebook but my family is trying to convince me.Great alarm, Big snooze button..just flip the phone over to shut it the hell up :) Chomp SMS – Just pimps out the OS SMS app. I think more innovative ones that show off android's will pop up when the market gets in full swing.If you're serious about this, I would pay to have a Vo IP/SIP client developed for Android. I get the option to change view and see paid apps but when i select it it says none found......i am not gonna rush in and buy any yet anyway- give all the big companies a chance to get them on there.....Toggle Air – one touch airplane mode Toggle Settings – decent app with range of things to toggle on and off (BT, wifi etc)Terminal Emulator – essential for hacking etc. Telnet – required for hacking in first place Task Manager For Root Users – great for stopping apps that are running in background.Stopwatch – jury still out- best of the stopwatches i could find at the time..

I want the screen timeout and pattern lock functionality separated. I can set the screen timeout to 30 seconds, but the pattern lock doesn't apply for 20 minutes – or something like that. My "Top Apps List" Klaxon – I wake up next to it every morning. Most of the GREAT apps are ones overcoming current issues/shortcomings with the phone.

Power Manager – i use this instead of togglesettings as i can change profiles etc and see battery at same time....needs better GUI.

Pkt Auctions Ebay – great little app to easily follow ebay My Backup – essential in case of flashing/crash etc mp3tagger – essential for music lovers as G1 didn't recognise most ID3 tags Missed Call – great for changing notifications of the LED for different things Mileage – just to see how much value i get with my newly gas-converted territory Memory for Lemmings – to encourage android to free up memory.

at the moment i have 50ish apps on my phone- Chomp SMS – awesome sms app- no mms yet but that is coming.

has OSKeyboard X-workout – new gym app- only got it today??

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