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The little planes may take only 19 people at a time, on four flights a day to Antigua and St Maarten, but Montserratians see the air link as highly symbolic after 10 years as virtual refugees on their island, moving farther north as their homes in the southern two-thirds were destroyed or the danger zone was extended.

This site isn't for Brooklyn hipsters or LA artists. But if you're a farmer who's looking for a partner with a similar lifestyle, this could be your chance for true love.After the police band played "God Save the Queen" - the island is one of Britain's few remaining colonies, now called overseas territories - Chief Minister John Osborne told Caribbean dignitaries and cheering children: "This is a day of celebration and new beginnings, of rejuvenation and rebirth.Montserrat is open again for business." Deborah Barnes Jones, the British governor, added: "It's a red-letter day for Montserrat." Her twin teenage daughters are at boarding school in England but visit the island regularly.This week, in what the islanders celebrated as a historic occasion, something resembling normal service was resumed.To great fanfare and cheered by a quarter of the island's 4,800 remaining residents, the first fixed-wing plane for eight years flew in to a new airport, squeezed on to a rugged plateau at Gerald's, in the northern "safe zone" where the remaining islanders live in an area of only 13 square miles.

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