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Assuming that your webcam is successfully recognized by VLC, I am going to show how to configure webcam streaming.In this setup, webcam is streamed over HTTP in WMV format. Verify the video source (e.g., v4l2:///dev/video), and click on "Next" button to go next.

Make a note of this string, and click on "Stream" button at the bottom.To install VLC on Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint: Next, verify whether a webcam device is successfully detected on your Linux system and VLC.To do so, first find out the device name of your webcam with the following command.To configure VLC for webcam streaming, first launch VLC. On the screen, choose webcam/audio device name (e.g., /dev/video0 for webcam, and hw:0,0 for audio). Make a note of value strings in "MRL" and "Edit Options" fields. On this screen, choose the destination (i.e., streaming method/target) of webcam streaming.Since we use HTTP streaming, choose "HTTP" from the drop down list, and click on "Add" button.

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