Justin timberlake and cameron diaz dating again

4, likely trying to rectify the reputation he gained thanks to his risque 2004 Super Bowl performance with Janet Jackson.

Following that incident, we probably wouldn't have guessed that Timberlake would shoot to the multi-talented superstar status he's at now.

The childhood friends had a strong effect on each other, and according to Timberlake's BFF Jimmy Fallon, the singer still talks about her sometimes, but Fallon seems to have believed that they never would've lasted.

Later on, Timberlake dated Cameron Diaz for over three years. She dated Chris Evans on-and-off for five years, long before his days. For reference, both she and Timberlake were in their late teens and early twenties during these relationships, almost equivalent to being college sweethearts.

But Biel took to Twitter quickly, explaining, "I'm watching from home tonight. I was like, 'OK, this is happening.' It was so cute because they were like — it's that moment like, 'I like you, I think you like me.' It was very, very sweet. It's literally, like, 'OK, I can't make that meeting so I have to cancel, also I know I will marry this man, you can't tell anybody but your husband.' I have no idea why I wrote that email.I don't know what he did that day, but I have this hilarious email.In a sweet, old-fashioned move, the two relied on their phone conversations at the start of their relationship because Timberlake was away touring.Um, is this a celebrity love story or a beautiful teen romance set in the 1960s?

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