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Did the diary and recordings play a role in her murder? Investigators are still trying to solve the mystery.After more than 30 years, Christa's daughter hopes a fresh look by police will finally crack this case and bring the killer to justice."She had a charisma that was just overwhelming.Namath says he got the nickname because of a miscommunication.He says he was sitting in his dorm room and someone grabbed a picture of his high school’s football queen.Bride Olivia, meanwhile, had her brush with the law in 2010, when Jupiter cops stopped her for speeding in a Mercedes.

But as correspondent Maureen Maher reports, Christa also kept a "love diary," as well as tape recordings of her encounters with the rich and famous.

He says he didn’t consider Notre Dame for college because they didn’t have any girls on campus. He says he was with women the night before the AFL championship game and the Super Bowl, and that he usually was with women the night before games.

He ended up at Alabama because he didn’t qualify academically for Maryland, so former Terps coach Tom Nugent passed him along to Bear Bryant. The interviewer also asked how many sexual conquests he’d had, and he estimated the number at 300 by the time he finished college.

Christa enjoyed the Hollywood life and parties, and according to her daughter hung out with lots of famous people, like Joe Namath, Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty and even the Shah of Iran.

12, 1977, when she was stabbed and bludgeoned outside her agent's home in West Hollywood.

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