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Or take the time physically apart to be emotionally apart as well, and work on themselves.

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Some members are looking for the love of their life, some are seeking friendship, and some are interested in a casual relationship.Essentially, according to these guidelines, couples shouldn’t have sex, sleep in the same bed, pass one another anything, share food and drinks, or even lift something like a piece of furniture together during the wife’s period.After the woman’s period is over, the couple has “seven clean days” in which they , which is a pool of natural water, located within a building in a Jewish neighborhood.The woman dips in the water a certain number of times according to the tradition she follows, says prayers, and when she comes out, she and her husband are able to touch again.But nothing in Judaism — like much of life — can be explained just by looking at it on the most literal level.***I’ve met a lot of Jews who stop following the religion because they read the Torah without the commentary from learned scholars and rabbis.

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