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But if you can contact me for free, it doesn't mean that you can misuse or overuse the form: I created it to meet a partner, not to chitchat with random people.

I need a determined, goal-oriented, real woman, not a time-waster, an undecided person, a pen pal or an online friend (let alone a spammer).

On the other hand, in Italy you don't usually "date" anyone: people meet through their friends, relatives, work etc.Filming locations: United Kingdom (Scotland, part 1), France (Paris, part 2), and more importantly Florence (ending), which just happens to be the city she chooses to live in because the view is breathtaking: She, and the screenplay writers, couldn't have said it better!The director managed to capture a lot of real situations… I find it incredible that this movie was shot 70 years ago, because Rome, believe it or not, hasn't changed much. Interestingly, Roman Holiday's story is not just fiction.The unforgotten beautiful Grace Kelly literally personified the American dream: she won the Academy Award for best actress when she was still young, and then became a sovereign in the most beautiful, luxurious, iconic, romantic, glamorous place of the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea.Grace Kelly, who was a devout Christian Catholic, found her French husband, Prince Rainier — 6,000 miles away from her house in Hollywood/Los Angeles — 40 years before the World Wide Web was invented.

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