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These are the songs of heartbreak, songs that distil the misery of failed relationships, unrequited loves, disappointment and rejection, and set it to music.These are the songs we seek solace in when we want to know that somebody else has felt that way too. Click here to tell us which songs you think we should have included Whether in its original, spare funk version or the orchestrated Trevor Horn take that appeared on the classic The Lexicon of Love album, this debut single provided a fine showcase for the sophisticated romanticism of the Sheffield popsters.Real-life equivalent: Wayne Rooney and his granny masseuse.What we know: Alex Turner worked in Sheffield venue The Boardwalk, which, after coming up against one too many sub-Razorlight wannabes queuing to jump on the urch-rock bandwagon, gave him the idea for ‘Fake Tales…’ What the lyrics suggest: The reference to trilbies and white wine are a direct wormhole back to 2005, when for £7 you could see six bands full of these over-styled chances in hoopy T-shirts any given night.Jet sent Louie Robinson to the set of Jailhouse Rock "When asked if he ever made the remark, Missisissippi-born Elvis declared: 'I never said anything like that, and people who know me know I wouldn't have said it.'" In 1956, I bought my Elvis records at Duvan Music in downtown Sioux City. So my friend and I bought tickets for the May 23 Elvis concert, the cheapest ones. It took a half-hour for us to squeeze and wedge our way to the stage. I played harmonica at the time, was almost 17 and he was only 21, not much difference.They had a booth there where you could sit and listen to the record before you bought it. It may have been warm in there, I don't know but all I remember is the electricity. I just stood there with my mouth open thinking, my God, this guy has picked up on something.

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I always think they do.” What the lyrics suggest: The messiest hour of the messy end of a messy relationship. Her, limping side with ) and Alex wondering whether ripping the plaster off in one go with a hearty ‘fuck off’ might be worth it, or might just compromise too much what went before.” What the internet thinks: “This song was wrote about the day he split with his girlfriend when they had wrote the 2nd album and was moving away from Sheffield…” “’They’re all infected but he’ll be alright.’ I think he means they’ve got aids?” What they teach us: Don’t become a prostitute if you’re sensitive to cold weather ‘cos really you can’t pick up much trade when you’re wearing a nice big woolly jumper, some trackie pants and a bobble hat.Here’s some of their great early lyrics investigated…‘When The Sun Goes Down’ What we know: The band’s practise rooms used to be in Neepsend – a dodgy part of Sheffield, where they would regularly see streetwalkers tracing a path along the main road.

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