Internet dating is the way of the future

Between good old-fashioned dating websites and the proliferation of tools and apps that allow you to “swipe right,” there’s no shortage of ways to meet people if you’re single in this day and age.If nothing else, this study further debunks the notion that apps are for “hookups” or people not looking for monogamy—they concretely lead to real, fulfilling relationships and marriages.Without the pressures of physical presence, initial interactions via Internet focus on the things that really matter.New couples can emphasize their core values in getting to know one another.Online dating sites pride themselves on their self-proclaimed status as the future of matchmaking and matrimonial bliss.

Is online dating really the way to go for memorable, meaningful relationships that last?

The research has been done, and we’ve brought the best of it to you. See what these six studies reveal about Internet intimacy: The brains behind online matchmaking services are soon to be held to standards similar to those of standardized exams in academia, according to researchers of one University of California Berkeley study.

The choice is yours: join the growing online dating network, or risk relationship ruin again and again.

Marriages resulting from online matching services scored higher in marital adjustment.

Overall, it seems that mathematical matchmaking is the way to go for a meaningful marriage.

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