How to dress to be intimidating

If you’re in an air conditioned barn or at a national show you should probably wear a more traditional button-up shirt. By “nice,” I don’t mean your hip-hugger Abercrombie jeans that you spent way too much money on.I mean dark wash, not faded or worn out jeans with no holes in them.Make sure that your shirt has been ironed and is tucked in.Some people say that a polo shirt doesn’t count as collared.This post goes out to all the “Lexie’s” in the livestock show world.I’m starting a new category on my blog called “Livestock Showing” that will include posts with tips for beginning showmen.

It’s something a more fabulous version of me would wear. I would like to be this imaginary person, which seems like a logical reason to purchase this dress.

(The answer, in case you’re wondering, is weird.) The dress hangs in my room for a week. It is a fairytale handed down for generations, tumbled through the ages until it emerged smooth and shiny as a pebble. Still, I don’t know what a happily single woman wears to symbolically commit to the rest of her life.

I discover how it feels to watch Netflix in a bridal gown. The “white dress” story has been told to me ever since I was young enough to hear.

Why do I feel like it is Christmas Eve and my aunt just backed me into a corner? ” My chances of going to a black and white ball anytime soon are about as good as my chances of getting engaged, which is to say, slim to none. Because no matter where we find ourselves (single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, separated, confused, complicated…) there are never any guarantees.

“I’m seeing someone, but we haven’t really, uh, defined what’s going on with us yet.” “Oh,” she says. “Well, you could wear it to a black and white ball? What I want are more examples, a cornucopia of happily-ever-afters.

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