How often do dating couples make love

If you are in couples counseling or sessions about how to recover from infidelity, this time apart will allow you to do your separation homework.

This means addressing what led up to the affair and make positive progress with how you treat one another.

Couples who communicate have a higher rate of success in their marriages.

Separation can give both partners the opportunity to explore and better understand what actions and behaviors led to the affair.

You have spent so much time in your marriage thinking about “We” that you forget to think about “Me”.

Spending time alone will help you gain some much-needed perspective on your situation and help you get reacquainted with yourself.

This grieving phase has no set timetable and is different for everybody.

This is a necessary step in recovering from infidelity, as it allows you to work through your pain and anger and allows you to take real steps towards fixing your marriage.

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