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I just tested that Protected Sub Wr_Updated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

how strange, the same thing worked perfectly on a different site: the sql part works...

In this tutorial you will create separate classes for business logic and for data-access logic.

The class that encapsulates data-access logic is called a .

This tutorial series builds on the Contoso University web application that is created by the Getting Started with the Entity Framework 4.0 tutorial series.

In this tutorial, you will use the designer's Update Model From Database tool to update the data model automatically.

New Values -- it will have all the values, as does e. There are two in that event so data source controls can differnitate bewteen the two.

I just need to get it working with the "real" one from the gridview row Sql Data Source Locations. Add("Location Name Update", Type Code.[String], "dd") Dim select Row As Grid View Row = Grid View Locations.

It includes functionality such as student admission, course creation, and instructor assignments. The downloadable sample contains code in both C# and Visual Basic. NET MVC framework, see Getting Started with the Entity Framework using ASP. One way to implement this structure is to use the pages using a control that has many of the same features as other data-source controls.

There are three ways you can work with data in the Entity Framework: . For information about the differences between these workflows and guidance on how to choose the best one for your scenario, see Entity Framework Development Workflows. This lets you combine the advantages of an n-tier approach with the benefits of using a Web Forms control for data access.

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