Genevieve cortese dating jared

As for Sammy, Jared Padalecki is married to Genevieve Padalecki, née Cortese.

Yep, Sam and demon Ruby are married in real life, but don't worry, their real-life relationship is a lot healthier than Sam and Ruby's.

star Genevieve Cortese about playing the double-agent demon. What sort of surprises might this week's midseason finale have in store?

And what's it like shooting a love scene with Jared Padalecki? Did you bother to take any cues from the previous Ruby, Katie Cassidy?

"Cortese: If you look at Katie's last episode, you see that while Ruby's not responsible for Dean going to hell, she does have some guilt about it.

I wanted to use some of that, though not as a sympathy card.

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When it comes to The CW's Supernatural, love isn't really in the air for Sam and Dean Winchester — except for their brotherly love, of course.

As Supernatural fans know, Ruby (first played by Katie Cassidy) was one of the most loathed demons, especially because she drove a wedge between our dear brothers Sam and Dean. Heck, she even got Sam to drink her demon blood, which he liked and became addicted to. Anyways, as screwy as Sam and Ruby's relationship was, Jared and Genevieve lead what appears to be a much more blissful and normal life.

Here's proof that this couple who met on Supernatural is beyond cute — and probably doesn't order demon blood at dinner.

on Tuesday night (March 20) at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

The guys were joined at the event by their wives Danneel Harris Ackles and Genevieve Cortese, as well as co-stars Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert.

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