G dragon cl dating

GD was the only one who helped her, whereas there’s TOP and Taeyang who have bigger body than him.

That was the time when Dara said that GD is her ideal type.34.

What surprising is, if we google about these bracelets, we can find their names as one of the couple who wear the bracelets among other celebrity couples around the world.40.

Dara once updated her ME2DAY with 2NE1 (without Bom) and GD picture.

In the 2NE1 TV Season 1, GD once came to the shooting location to bring sandwiches for 2NE1!

People at the location wondered to whom GD wants to meet because he already saw Minzy, CL, and Bom but still kept looking around.

We can see, GD and Dara cartoon look pretty recognizable at that picture as Dara was illustrated as a girl with coconut-tree hairstyle, and GD was drawn wearing a pink scarf, the things that have become their identities. That status message made KVIPs jealous because the meaning of ‘Oppagamaiaekkyo’ GD wrote in a certain dialect is ‘a feeling from a boy to his girl so the girl always know that he always think about her, always care of her and always protect her.’ The most surprising fact is that the word ‘Oppagamaiaekkyeo’ only used by people from Busan, Dara’s hometown! GD almost always been dependent by some weird acts Dara did.

But their relationship came back to the media spotlight in January 2011, when Dara told the story about GD helping her to carry her ski board at the YG family vacation.

GD then told the media that when he saw Dara carrying her ski board, it looked like Dara was carrying a man because the board was as tall as her.

If you see 2NE1 TV a lot, you will know the one who always does that. Either on purpose or not, GD and Dara frequently update their ME2DAY simultaneously, and several times their updated statuses are related. ” or any other romantic updates, five minutes later Dara would write that she hasn’t sleep yet and her about doing activities.

Later, GD would write again, “Hurry up to bed and sleep well.”47.

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