Full figured woman and dating Naked skype dating

From NYFW to Project RUNWAY plus size curvy women owned the media in one of the most tangible ways in recent history. Photos by: Ricardo Andre Studios Major fashion brands have began to embrace the entire spectrum of bodies of their consumers and have showcased their love for a variety of shapes an sizes which has proven to be profitable.Although brands are releasing Plus and Curve divisions for their clothing lines, advertising still seems to miss the mark in regards to representing the women who patron them and to be honest the plus size community wants to know why.Why claim to celebrate body diversity and only present one type of plus and curvy body as your brand rep?If the goal is make money, then companies should look into truly diversify their marketing strategies.There is still a vast disconnect in representing women in a real way. It encourages consumers to see themselves reflected in the environments they frequent and fashion and media are no exceptions.

And we discovered that there is love for them all over the country.Also, Los Angeles and San Jose have just a few hundred miles between them but are worlds apart in their love for full-figured women with men in LA nine times more likely than men in San Jose to like a “curvy” woman. No need to plan a major move but the next time you are browsing online dating profiles, give the guy’s city a second look. The vast majority of men like women with shape, but not generally women who would describe themselves as full figured.The plus size industry is a multibillion dollar industry that continues to be ignored because people are afraid to wholly embrace the full-figured woman.Much like the dating world, shopping—when you’re plus size feels like you’re a dirty little secret.

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