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I'd rather go there for my first operation instead of my second.

Well, now I'm one week post op and I can't believe what a change has occurred in my life! First, allow me to say that the system Jim (Dr Norman) has set up is the most efficient medical system in the world.

There is nobody better and it is clear why so many people from all over the world come to see you. Knowing that I had to "get the tumor out of my neck that was killing me" (taken from the music video which is AMAZING! I'm a doctor and know that not all doctors are trustworthy or talented. However, the dozens of testimonials online (this page) seemed a little hard to believe.

Could this many doctors really be traveling to Tampa from all over the US for parathyroid surgery?

These are great surgeons in their own right, but nobody can do what Dr Norman and his partners can. As an Emergency Physician I have shared with many my colleagues and told them my experience and have been able to educate lots of people about hyperparathyroidism and feel I know a lot about this now --when even as a physician, I was very ignorant at one time. When my husband and I arrived at the hospital in Tampa, there were patients there from all over the world who were anticipating their surgeries. Norman's reputation goes far beyond Florida - far beyond the United States. It was just as described on your remarkable website.

This week (January 2014) I saw him perform 15 parathyroid operations the day he operated on me. My ignorance left me suffering for years ignoring my slightly abnormal calcium and having lots of other explanations for my other symptoms... You all do great work..are helping so many people, I am very grateful and will continue to share my experience with my patients, when appropriate, and others... I know that "finding a doctor on the internet" seems like a "new fangled way" of handling things. The personal attention, clear communications, and caring treatment I received far exceeded my experiences with any other doctors.

My physicians had told me that my calcium was just a little high and could not possibly cause me any problems. When I checked in, the hotel receptionist said, “Oh, you are here to see Dr. ” Then she began to talk about how wonderful he and the other doctors are. ” The hotel will arrange your transportation to Tampa General Hospital.

Either you take a shuttle or a taxi, depending on the time you need to be at the hospital.

Below are over 2000 patient stories (including over 400 doctors), who went to Tampa for their parathyroid operation.

I know lots of other surgeons who perform parathyroid surgery. I also spoke to several surgeons in my area who knew of Dr.

I live in Pennsylvania where there are plenty of big universities and at each of these universities (Penn, Pitt, etc) there is a surgeon who claims to be a parathyroid expert. Norman and spoke very highly of him..."he's the parathyroid guru" they all said. Norman on the telephone so that he could address many of the questions that I had. Norman and I e-mailed each other many times so that he could assess all of my concerns. Norman, Boone, Mitchell and Lopez, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the treatment you provided me (August, 2015).

The Parathyroid Center has individual safes where you can leave your purse and other valuables while you are getting your scan and having your surgery.

When your surgery is over and you are ready to leave, a nurse will call your hotel and the shuttle will come get you.

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