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This is an area where convenience conflicts with security: each person should make an informed choice on what they’re comfortable with.

Location services are the systems on your phone which provide GPS location access to the apps on your phone.

One of the main concepts in digital security is about not just preventing a breach, but minimizing the amount of data that is available in the event of a breach.

In the case of i Message, most people set their phones on the default of keeping their messages forever, but this offers a huge trove of potential data to an attacker that might access this data.

We often don’t consider the different ways that applications use our location data, but if unchecked, this can leak more information than we intend to tech companies who track our location, or through social media posts that attach location information to what we share. Not so much a security concern as a privacy concern, but it’s personal preference.

This account may also belong to a website that has poor security practices, and is vulnerable to hacking (especially if you’re not using it anymore).I’ve found that using the i Message apps on desktop and laptop leak more personal info than I feel comfortable.For example, i Messages have shown up on my computer’s notifications when not logged in, and my personal messages have come up on my computer during business presentations (unless I explicitly turn it off). It’s no wonder online security breaches are becoming so prolific. Everybody and their grandmother is getting hacked these days.

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