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Over-The-Air DVR If you're using an antenna like the Mohu Leaf, you can also buy an over-the-air DVR, similar to what you would use from your cable company, but with more features in some cases.Some of the better OTA DVRs include: All three of the ones listed above allow you to record over-the-air shows and then watch them on your TV.Another low cost option to get your TV and movie fix is to either rent your TV shows and movies, or to get them from your local library.My favorite options are: A lot of people pay a lot of money in order to be able to watch the TV shows that they want, when they want.Many of these online options may be available for streaming through the Play On software in the future as well.

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Definitely worth looking into if you're a cord cutter.In the process they end up spending upwards of 0-1000 a year, mostly for programming that they don't watch.If they would just look a little deeper they might find that there are a lot of free or low cost options out there, and they can get a lot of the same TV shows, movies and other video content for free. Read this article, do some research, and find your own low cost option for watching the TV shows that you love.Check out details of how to stream video from your computer to your TV here.There are a ton of other free video sites out there, this list only lists some of the ones I found to be the best. Let us know about them in the comments and maybe I'll add them to the list.

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