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"I obviously am not comparing women to merchandise.As of mid-April, the Fan TV apps and service will be shut down.Remember the time difference between the Philippines and your location!

This summer's list contains a few shocks, not the least the winner. France’s highest-ranked tennis player ever gained immortality when he won the French Open in 1983, the first home-grown champion since 1946, and the most recent.

To our fans and supporters – and especially the incredibly talented team that worked on Fan TV through all stages of our journey – we appreciate your support, sweat, blood, tears, and laughter over the years.

While we're sad to announce this shutdown, we're excited to see the future endeavors of the talented team that worked on Fan TV.

Joining Ti Vo has allowed us to scale many aspects of our original vision and work with a much larger team in bringing this vision to both consumers and pay TV operators around the world.

A couple of common threads have tied together our efforts through the years – a love for entertainment and a belief that we could simplify things.

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