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In our innocence, though, we were too giddy to be bothered by these facts.

Very few people had considered the notion of troubling internet connections, we were too enthralled by its exciting possibilities to see any danger in letting children loose into chatrooms with a slew of card-carrying NAMBLA members and known sex offenders.Until your potential mate requested a picture, of course. We knew the thrill of navigating the unknown wildernesses of the internet before firewalls and parental controls and the like neutralized the treacherous terrain. Sure, we may have talked to a pedophile or two, but we lived, dammit. We continue to evolve and innovate the premium rate market, and our on-site IVR applications currently handle ~30% of live 1-2-1 and virtual chat calls in the UK.Whether you’re new to premium rate, or looking to expand your existing portfolio, call today to see how we can help.

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