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For the past year, I have been trying to answer the question: ? My goal was to get my joy and effervescent personality back, let go of fear and anger, and regain the positive and clear mind that was robbed from me by a cancer drug that I was taking for 5 years. I have been given a great gift, a chance to really live a life that is full.Am I the woman who six years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer and has gone through treatments that changed the very essence of my being? I needed to learn how to become a more peaceful person so that I could walk through this world in a new and wonderful way. I cleansed, detoxed and researched other methods to cure myself and prevent cancer from returning. I have made peace with the cancer that is living in my body and will live there throughout my life.

Despite my hesitance to tell my own, I’ve recently realized that my story might have the potential to help others along their journey. To answer these questions, I went on a path of discovery.Cats are territorial by nature and use urine and other signals to demonstrate dominance or a higher position on the hierarchy.In colonies, subordinate cats cover their poop, while dominant cats leave feces uncovered.There’s the hiss, the meow, the purr, and (when in heat) the caterwaul—and dozens of variations of each.In comparison, dogs can make only 10 distinct noises.

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