Fox 2 news my dating spot

However, the articles themselves didn’t contain that quote nor evidence that Pepsi’s stock saw a significant drop (it didn’t).

Nooyi did make recorded comments about Trump’s election, but was never quoted telling his supporters to “take their business elsewhere.” 3.

With that following — Ingraham is also a longtime radio host — advertisers could find her program difficult to ignore.

Finally, another fake news site KYPO6reported he had endorsed Hillary Clinton!

Mantzarlis recalls an erroneous story that actually cited a legitimate piece of news from CNNMoney.

A blog called Viral Liberty recently reported that Ford had moved production of some of their trucks from Mexico to Ohio because of Donald Trump’s election win.

The story quickly caught fire online — after all, it seemed like a great win for the domestic auto industry.

It turns out, Ford did move some manufacturing from Mexico to Ohio — in 2015. Photos and videos can also be taken out of context to support a false claim.

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