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Plankton organisms (like diatoms) that make shells of silicon compounds furthermore need dissolved silicon salts (Si O2) which at 3ppm can be rather limiting.The main salt ions that make up 99.9% are the following: By adding the µmol in last column up, multiplied by respective valences, like: -546 468 -56.2 106.6 ....The Dead Sea is 24% saline, containing mainly magnesium chloride Mg Cl2.Shallow coastal areas are 2.6-3.0% saline and estuaries 0-3%.Iron (Fe) is an essential component of enzymes and is copiously available in soil, but not in sea water (0.0034ppm).This makes iron an essential nutrient for plankton growth.

Freshwater fish do the opposite by not drinking but excreting copious amounts of urine while losing little of their body salts.In commercial salt production, the water is led through various evaporation ponds, to achieve the desired result.Note that this process has also happened where large lakes dried out, laying down the above salts in the above sequence.In order to understand the sea, some of its chemical properties are important.This page details the chemical composition of sea water, salinity, density, its dissolved gases, carbon dioxide and p H as limiting factor.

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