Extreme shyness dating

After doing these things regularly where there is no pressure, you’ll be more than ready for the beautiful woman at a party.

Take my word for it: talking to attractive women was never something I could do, and after practicing the two things above, it comes naturally to me all the time.

The only way you can get to this point is by talking to more women, and the easiest way to do this is to practice on women that you encounter in your life that you have no interest in. Practice holding better eye contact with the girl at check out.

They struggle folding fitted sheets, burn the roof of their mouth on hot pizza sauce, and sometimes they forget to put on deodorant. The easiest way to overcome your shyness around women is to become ridiculously outgoing.A further small tip is to make sure you have female friends in your social circle.You’ll get more familiar with the female mind and learn to be a lot more “natural” around women.My main tip would be to make an effort every single day to strike up conversations with women. The more women you can connect with or just have conversations with on a regular basis, the more you will fine-tune those social skills around them and the less shy you will begin to feel.It takes consistent effort and comfort-zone pushing, but will be worth it, particularly when it comes to interacting with women you are attracted to.

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