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Discretion is vital – there is no online posting of photos and individual details.Call us to set up an appointment or send us a short resume and we will contact you, guaranteeing full confidentiality.If you are unsure, give him a second chance, as chemistry may develop in time.

If something prevents you from calling him, send him an email or text to apologize about the delay and let him know you’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

They can easily date beautiful women, but they are looking for the one special lady to go the distance with.

Sometimes great women have poor dating etiquette and do things to turn off single affluent men. Follow the executive dating tips below to increase your chances of capturing the interest of a CEO.

If you answer the phone but can not talk with him, let him know a time he can call you back, no matter how busy you are.

He will take time out of his day for you and you must do the same for him.

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