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Without being able to track all outcomes we have to resort to guesswork, resulting in a lot of wasted ad spend.

Have you ever found Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics frustrating as they only provide different pieces of the puzzle but don’t reveal the full picture?

While Facebook Analytics is enormously valuable, it can be a challenge to set up and understand.

It’s a powerful platform (with a mobile app version) that rivals Google Analytics and helps advertisers understand the entire journey of a user they’re targeting across the suite of Facebook channels, including desktop, messenger, and more.

Below are a few different tactics you can try to make yourself a better-rounded…See More A profit and loss statement is an excellent financial tool that you may use to determine overall profitability during a specific time period.

While you may use this tool for personal use, you may also need to prepare a profit and loss when you apply for a loan or for other purposes.…See More Are you enjoying Barista Exchange?

BY CHRIS RYAN BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of [...] The post Don’t Miss These Classes at Coffee Fest L. BY [...] The post Barista Champ of Canada Cole Torode on How to Beat Nerves appeared first on barista magazine online.Friday Nights at The Rubin are a chance to experience Himalayan art to the tune of DJ-driven lounge music, 2-for-1 drinks, and Tibetan tapas.Tour tranquil galleries swirling around a central spiral staircase, munch on spicy lamb and charred octopus, and sip hot tantra cocktails as you toss museum etiquette to the wind.While many advertisers have been toggling through various tools like Google Analytics and relying on a Facebook Ads Manager to understand better their traffic breakdown, the recent release of Facebook Analytics has all of the marketers talking.One of the fundamentals of Facebook advertising is to be able to measure the results and make decisions based off of that data.

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