Eclipse validating wsdl slow

This was not the case last year at this time, so what happened? None of these technologies underwent huge feature or stability increases in the past year.

I’m unaware of any breakthrough in scaling these systems past what they’re already capable of. Respectful debate, honesty, passion, and working systems created an environment that not even the most die-hard enterprise architect could ignore, no matter how buried in Java design patterns.

This technique is also known to result in dynamic language advocates going absolute bat-shit crazy and making complete fools of themselves.

There have been no fewer than three head explosions recorded as a result of this technique.

But none of them attempt any serious breadth in the application domain and they both have really serious scaling and performance problems.” We’ll get back to that in a second.

This is not to claim superiority for a given task, just that the competitive playing field is beginning to level off.

First, call anything not statically compiled a “scripting language”.

Attempt to insinuate that all languages without an explicit compilation step are not to be taken seriously and that they are all equivalently shitty.

Gosling shows his ignorance regarding the current feature set provided by dynamic languages and what people are using them for.

A cursory glance over’s project tree reveals that the number of projects that “just generate web pages” are really quite small: 151 of 1,342 total projects are registered under Internet:: WWW/HTTP:: Dynamic Content and many of those projects are related to using the web (HTTP/URIs) as a platform for integration more than they are for “generating web pages”. : Seo Sanghyeon provides a list of popular Python related applications that have nothing to do with generating web content.

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