Deviantart alice in wonderland dating sim

Though she doesn't have a lot on her plate, the life she has gives her very little free time.

But Alison's life changes one morning when she wakes up sitting under a tree in a brand new world.

Features include: Naïve Sprites is an indie otome game group that's currently developing our first visual novel.

Our goal is to make stories that all of you wonderful people want to read.

Our story follows Alison Sunderlund, an average small town Ohio girl.

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But ambition took over, and the Important Date lore grew to the epic story that it is now.

So to help reign in the project, Noelle found other like-minded individuals along the way to make sure that this big game got made.

I wanted to try the game for linux but I get the error: Games/AVID Demo 2.2 (Linux)/AVID Demo 2.2 (Linux).x86: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc 6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I do not know of other linux users with the same problem.

Note: some programs render the ESC key inoperable when running in conjunction with other programs, this demo included.

is a café romance set in a strange, yet familiar world, with loose ties to Lewis Carroll's Alice stories.

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