Denise keller dating

The best kind of relationships are often like the finest whiskies – two wholly different personalities blended into an integrated whole that’s even better the sum of its component parts.

And that the enamel coating your teeth is actually harder than your skull? If yes, then you are too smart to be a model lah dear. To the contrary however, we see plenty of these rich (also supposedly smart) people dating/marrying dumb actresses and models. Anyway, I'm so talented, I do not understand why Maxim is not scouting me to be their photo editor. 3) To use her intelligence to help make critical decisions in the business and provide business solutions. 5) Has so much money he doesn't mind paying for something as long as it is aesthetically pleasing. Plenty of logic behind that too I guess: 1) Is a good fuck 2) Is too dumb to notice if you cheat on her (or doesn't care since she cheats too) 3) Children will look good - (but are so stupid they will all get herpes at the age of 11) 4) Can show off like trophy and make the guy with the smart but ugly wife pissed off (but his smart son will trash your business).

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