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They are all married and complain that they don't get much sex and so I keep my mouth shut.

I do not date 80 yr olds, but judging by the way they walk....i dont have much confidence on how they would be in bed I have dated over 40 and it is different than the 20 -30 yr olds, I just wondered if men noticed as well.This has NOT been my experience at all and I have a lot of experience in this age group (as I've always preferred it) and specifically with people who drink and smoke.I think some difficulties can be expected past 60 and with some men. You will only get ~.01% of the men to admit that there has been any decrease in their abilities since they were 20.They still have erections, but it isnt like the 20 yr olds. Men always lie and say even 80 year old men can have a great sex life... I know men who are really insecure about asking women out , even if the girl agrees, because they worry about their penis size, their weight (stomach)..and what the woman will think once they become intimate....Either way it can be overlooked if you like a person, but i was just wondering when it really goes down hill. I figure this would only worsen for a guy who is over 40. / or have you always been insecure about your body?

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