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Impressed by this apparently rigorous approach, Ms Fontaine, 44, rang up to enquire about joining and a consultant invited her to an interview, not at the company’s registered offices in the City of London but at the Charing Cross Hotel on The Strand.‘I thought it was a bit strange but was quite happy because it was on my way home,’ says Ms Fontaine.She was given his email address and sent him a message.Lisa Guennifa, associate director of Elect, said: ‘Alex was super-eager to be matched.If you are 25 you can have two dates a week ,but when you are in your 40s with specific requirements it is more difficult.’Asked whether she accepted that while he may have paid another less upmarket agency a fee, that was not the same thing as having paid to join Elect, Ms Guennifa said: ‘We don’t judge people on their assets.’‘I don’t personally take credit for successful relationships between two people,’ she said.For example, the remaining 30% of the Royal mail which is owned by the taxpayer will be sold off (at a profit of £1.5billion for the taxpayer), whilst – in a very un-Tory like move – £500 million will be cut from the defence budget, something which actually contradicts a NATO target of looking to spend 2% of GDP on defence.Alongside this, the BBC is going to have to foot the £650 million per year that it costs to provide free television licenses for over 75s; an ageing population is something that is sure to drain on the BBC’s funding as years go by, but free TV licenses are something that Mr.Those earning more than this will see the maximum tax free contribution level fall on a sliding scale to £10,000 for those earning £210,000 per year. There will be small benefits for individual incomes There will be an increase in how much can be earned before paying income tax.

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Osborne also plans to raise the inheritance tax threshold on homes to £500,000 for an individual and £1 million for families/couples.45% of working families are set to have their incomes significantly reduced as a result of the cuts to Osborne’s tax credit according to the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, who also find that approximately 7 million children will be affected by the changes.The benefits cap will be also be reduced; in London the total will fall from £26,000 per year to £23,000, whereas in the rest of the country the figure will be £20,000.He informed her that although he did have a car, he couldn’t afford to run it.He was hardly the City slicker Elect were promising.

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