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I joined before I read the review stupidly , they tool 40 quid off me and I deleted my profile after 2 weeks in discust .I sent courteous emails to over 50 girls who matched my criteria and I matched theirs with no replys , I even contacted a friend via text who had a profile on the website to arrange to contact her , she…

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Lots of gimmicks, bombarded with e-mails from DD saying how many people were looking at my profile. Have been trying to cancel subscription before renewal only to find I was too late and it had already renewed.

Awaiting a refund under their terms and conditions “the 14 day cooling down period”, when I wrote cancelling my membership after only two days asking for a refund under their terms, I received an e-mail back saying they had cancelled my auto-renewal, this is not what I… Fine print also indicated that it would not be refunded as a renewal.

Dear Sirs, I hope you will be able to help me with my complaint.

How To Create Dating Direct | Dating Direct Review-Dating direct is an online dating site created in 1998 and later merged with

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