Dating white girls singapore

Perhaps a passable companion for the lonely drunk hearts after 3am, or a small office crush, but never a Jacques moved to Singapore.Despite what a Sunday afternoon at Tanjong Beach Club would have you believe, Singapore has a dearth of foreign men.There's something bittersweet about holding the gaze of the handsome stranger across the train car (and that's how you know it's real, because making eye contact on the tube is unacceptable otherwise).

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Think Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt except minus the glamour. I've broken up before because we both agreed we like each other but don't want to marry each other because we have different ideas of what our future spouse would be like. Angmohs on the other hand, just want to keep you so they can still fuck you. Sample too small to generalize entire American population but I'd group him with Asian guys in terms of dating culture.

I totally agree with 13726 about how we shouldn't view westerners as superior in their culture to us. Or if you were lucky as me to date one of the elite Malays in SG who are fkg rich(ya super rare but got), also treats you damn nice. In 50 years, the trend in europe is that people won't be getting married anymore. Western doesn't extend to include Australian & American.

I say this as someone who used to really admire westerners. But now I'm older and have dated a fairly significant number of westerners, they're really not that great. Some days hawker food, some days hotel food, some days restaurant food. They're likely to live together for a long time but not formally register the union. Asian plus point: In this regard, I'm pretty glad we're still traditional in a sense that getting married is a common objective in life here. Never dated an Australian and only dated 1 american who wasn't white. Not African, but like Pacific Islander who liked Spanish food & dance a lot.

With my expert opinion, garnered by at least ten first dates, first-hand interviews and extensive social media stalking, I will attempt to give an introductory understanding as to why dating in Singapore is such an awful mess.

There are several stages of dating for the average male expat in Singapore.

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