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IQ Agent was first shipped in 2006 on embedded feature phones and has since been implemented on numerous devices and operating systems, including smartphones (Android, RIM, i Phone), USB modems and tablets.

MSIP (Mobile Service Intelligence Platform) refers to the backend Carrier IQ software that receives mobile device diagnostic data directly from mobile devices containing the IQ Agent software.

When a mobile device user calls for support or troubleshooting, IQ Care provides the customer care agent with a dashboard showing the consumer's device configurations (e.g., mobile device serial number, firmware version), usage history (e.g., number of applications installed, battery life) and other user experience metrics (e.g., device and application crash data, radio technology analytics).

The company was founded by Konstantin Othmer and is a spin-off from his Core Mobility company.

Included in the demonstration were clear-text captures of passwords to otherwise secure websites, and activities performed when the cellular network was disabled.

The video of the demonstration showed Carrier IQ's software processing keystrokes, browser data, and text messages' contents, but there was no indication that the information processed was recorded or transmitted.

Analytics Domains are MSIP components that enable the system to calculate specific KPIs.

The mobile device manufacturers or network operators determine which of these metrics are actually collected, according to a set of criteria known as a "profile." IQ Agent periodically uploads data to a Carrier IQ Mobile Service Intelligence Platform (MSIP) system, which then feeds into the network operator's network performance monitoring and diagnostic tools.

Whenever a mobile device uploads data, the IQ Agent can also download a new profile to change the selection of metrics gathered.

The application delivers data through a geospatial or tabular view of issues (such as dropped calls or no-service conditions) and allows cross-domain analysis of KPIs.

IQ Care is a dashboard tool for network operator and mobile device customer care agents.

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