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You have found your match, or at least your online dating website says you have; you email each other back and forth and have a couple of stellar phone conversations. All of that is lovely but they still haven’t passed your biggest test, will they love your cat as much as you do? You’ll want to make sure the person you are dating knows you have a cat. You learn that they share your love for The Flaming Lip’s, enjoy Nutella crepes and you both have a penchant for hiking.Don’t expect your warm cushy seat to be empty when you return! Be prepared to see some of the cutest poses ever, coupled with some crazy cat gymnastics!Some people suggest that pet owners always take on some traits of their cuddly companion – if true, you may notice your date takes a little longer to get ready than you, however dating a cat lover does have it’s benefits: Cat puns freak meowt!Although this number may seem high, and the cat lovers group may seem enormous, the truth is that the majority of cat owners are not single, as some people would like everyone to believe, and those who are single are having a difficult time finding another cat lover to call their own.The Recent launch of Meet Cat Lovers has seen awesome reception by all single ailurophiles, and its member base is growing as we speak.

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Meet Cat Lovers vows to kick loneliness to the curb in the lives of all those single cat owners looking for human affection.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, just over 30% of all US households own cats, compared to close to 40% that call dogs their family pets.

That is a total of 36,117,000 households that provide a home to cats.

I’m guessing your dating profile makes it pretty obvious, but if not, make it clear from the start.

If someone is allergic or even more disturbingly, doesn’t like cats, it’s best to cut your losses and move on to the many others who are not going to complicate your blissful kitty life. If your cat has problems with jealousy you’ll want to take the time to introduce your kitty to your new date properly.

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