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Besides hard-hitting blockbuster films, the cinema also screens arthouse movies and often hosts international film festivals.Cycling is the main the mode of transportation in Amsterdam and the city is blessed with a large network of well-kept bike lanes that are exceptionally easy to navigate.Due to its outstanding structural design, Pathé Tuskinski is recognised amongst the most beautiful cinemas in the world.

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The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam organises parties every Friday night, where culture fans are encouraged to enjoy drinks and music whilst marvelling at the institute’s collection.Gamers in Amsterdam should definitely check out Ton Ton Club Centrum, as this massive arcade features a large collection of coin-op machines that hark back to the glory years of 1990s gaming.Whilst this might seem a niche choice for a date night, it is worth noting that many of Ton Ton Club’s machines are two player, including retro classics like Time Crisis, Bishi Bashi Special and Dance Dance Revolution.These event usually revolve around a specific theme and the museum regularly invites local artists to perform or display their work over the course of the evening.Whilst Amsterdam has more than its fair share of excellent concert venues, de Nieuwe Anita always goes the extra mile and regularly books up-and-coming alternative bands that should definitely be on everyone’s radar.

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