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For our foreign visitors it is one of the main attractions.

There are over 300 monuments of architecture of the XII-XX centuries that have been preserved to date.

Spots of interest dating back to the X century include the Trinity Cathedral, the Pagankin Trade yard (civilian houses, merchant chambers, currently a state Museum embracing a collection of the XII century icons and silver crafts), the tremendous Alexander Nevskiy monument at the entrance to the city, the Mirozhskiy monastery (a pearl of the Russian architecture with unique frescoes dating back to the XII century, currently under the protection of the UNESCO Group). Enjoy and mystery and wisdom of this ancient culture.

Here is a collection of poems by Anna Ahmatova, Sergei Esenin, Alexander Blok, Alexander S. Here is an excellent collection of Russian proverbs and famous Quotes of Russian writers, - which Natalia has prepared. It was one of the few places of worship in Russia that has been continually open for over 530 years.

The monastery was named after the underground sand caves that have natural air conditioning and permanent temperature.

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