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There will be more social history, too." That suits Rees: "I think it's fab there are women presenters coming through." But there aren't many, which may explain the flurry of offers for Hughes.

Channel 4 won and signed her up on a three-year deal.

But why has it taken until now to break men's monopoly on history programmes?

TV history developed from an obsession with war, above all the second world war, and anything with Hitler and tanks in it.

Moore, 32, says: "There are very few [women history presenters].

But I think that as history develops, as people become more interested in individual lives, that will change.

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With shoulder-length hair, curvy figure and confident air, she strides through the Peloponnese in tight jeans then leans back against large boulders in a tight T-shirt and flicks her hair.

Features documentaries, older movies and regional news programmes.

Privately-owned channel showing entertainment, comedy, sport and music programmes and film trailers.

After all, women news presenters are a fact of life.

Women sports presenters have long been a key attraction of Sky Sports coverage.

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