Dating old columbia records

4.1 Columbia Two-Eye – Promo white label 4.2 Columbia Two-Eye “Guaranteed High Fidelity” US (mono) The first variety (1962-1963) featured the words “Guaranteed High Fidelity” at the bottom for mono LP’s 4.3 Columbia Two-Eye “360 SOUND” STEREO – black type (Photo courtesy of Joe L) 4.4 Columbia 2-eye black font / black arrows (Canada) 360 Sound stereo with arrows, this copy printed and one assumes pressed in Canada. Initially the “360 SOUND” logo used black type, up until 1963, when it was replaced with white type.

The first two-eye design (on the later CL 1397 pressing, and also CS 8612), lasted from mid-1962 to about summer 1965.

WB Notes: After the “Columbia Columbia” red/orange label was inaugurated c.

June 1970, the two-eyes were consigned solely to deep-catalogue releases, with the last stereo labels used up by fall 1970 – and mono two-eyes continuing to be used well into the spring of 1972 6.

Many labelographies omit the CBS-overprint edition. 3.2 Columbia CBS overprint Six-Eye Stereo US (1961) no DG Note “CBS” added to the Stereo “arrows”, matrix number in brackets, smaller font and different kerning, notably the large Side number. Columbia US Two-Eye (1962-70) Changing times, the classic serif font is replaced and “modernised” by a gothic (sans-serif) font, the legendary Six Eyes reduced two.

Two-Eye sound quality remains very much up there with the best, at least US pressings.

Pressing Columbia Columbia at one time had five plants in operation, over time consolidated into three: Terre Haute, IN (1953 -1982), Pitman, NJ (1960 – 1986), and Santa Maria, CA (1963 – 1981).

Though initially I had misgivings about the Columbia-all-round label, revisiting them after a number of turntable upgrades, they are generally very good and astonishing value.

With ’60s and ’70s jazz LPs, two of the three are readily identifiable: by trail-off etchings – “T” and “COLUMBIA NY” – and distinctive font colour, orange – Indiana, and bright yellow – New York.

There is no noticeable sonic difference between pressings from Columbia’s different plants (that I can detect).

: Columbia Matrix Codes THE LJC COLUMBIA LABEL CHEAT SHEET Last Update: October 15, 2016 1.

Columbia: The Early Years pre-1956 1.1 Black Columbia “Magic Notes” logo Down at the 6 o’clock position above the circled “LP” is the “Magic Notes” symbol, a black beamed semi-quaver reversed out on a white circle, which was the registered trademark of Columbia.

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